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How To Clear Error Code On Generac Generator?

How To Clear Error Code On Generac Generator?

Have you ever owned a Generac Generator? If so, then you must have faced a headache in the form of a blinking error code, and let me assure you: it’s no small hiccup! Plus, it may just drain your wallet and why should you waste your bucks on something so easy to solve?

As a Generac generator owner, we’ve got your back. You don’t need to rush off to an electrician for every little issue. Hence, we are detailing the most simple and useful method to remove those codes so that you can make your generator run again.

Therefore, this is the complete troubleshooting guide you can use to troubleshoot all the problems and make those generators run properly.

Understanding and Addressing Common Error Codes in Generac Generators

Generac generators display indicator codes that show up when certain problems or anomalies are identified. The error codes facilitate direct identification of the problem thus making it easy to locate and rectify it. The codes can range from situations like low battery voltage and over voltage, over cranking, overspeed, low oil pressure, RPM sense loss, disconnection, and shock.

To resolve an error displayed on the screen of the Generac generator you should refer to the owner’s manual and find corrective measures or call the appropriate service representative. Resetting control and restarting the unit can solve some problems. However, other serious complications require professional assistance from an authorized service dealer.

Generac generators have several error codes that indicate specific issues or abnormalities detected by the system. Here are some of the common error codes and their causes:

  • 2800 (Auxiliary Shutdown): This code indicates that the generator has shut down due to an auxiliary fault, such as a failed oil pressure switch, high coolant temperature, or low coolant level.2
  • 1505/1515 (RPM Sense Loss): These codes indicate that the controller did not detect the correct RPM and this may be caused by a defective ignition coil or a wiring issue.
  • 1200/1205 (Overspeed): This code indicates that the controller detected high RPM, which can be caused by a defective governor or a wiring issue.

You should consult the generator’s manual or contact an authorized service dealer for guidance on how to address the specific issue indicated by the error code. In some cases, resetting the controller and restarting the unit may resolve the issue, but for more complex problems, it is advisable to seek professional assistance from an authorized service dealer.

How to Locate and Identify Error Codes on Generac Generators?

Before we dive into the nitty gritty of error codes, let’s know on the various types of control panels and displays for Generac generators, some of which are mainly Evolution, Nexus, pre-Nexus, and LED only.

Newer models feature the Evolution control panel along with upgraded accessories like Wi-Fi connectivity and Honeywell Sync 3.0. Models of 2008-2009 have Nexus and Pre-Nexus control panels.

Early models had only LED-type panels. There are various types of control panels and each of them can possess a particular set of error codes and features in their displays. For more detailed information on the different control panels and their respective error codes, you can refer to the following sources:

  • Generac’s Online Product Support section
  • Gensys Parts DIY
  • Gentek Power LLC
  • Generac’s official website
  • Gentek Power Generac Parts

Error Codes on the LCD Screen or the LED Tri-clops: How to Read Them?

To read the error codes on the LCD screen or the LED tri-clops on the side of a Generac generator, you need to refer to the specific user manual or technical guide for that device. The error codes are specific to Generac Evolution models and may require professional help to resolve.

The error codes are displayed on the LCD screen, and the small LED ‘tri-clops’ on the side of the generator will also have a corresponding color LED lit, or possibly two.

Here are some examples of Generac error codes and their meanings:

  • 1059: Lack of output voltage. This error code is displayed when the output voltage is below 80% of the unit’s rated output for 10 or more seconds.
  • 1100: Overcrank. This error code indicates that the generator has attempted to start and has failed to start after a certain number of attempts.
  • 1902: Low oil pressure. This error code is displayed when the generator detects low oil pressure, indicating a potential issue with the oil level or oil pressure sensor.

Many of the error codes mentioned here may require professional help to resolve so I recommended you to contact a certified technician or the manufacturer’s customer support for assistance in diagnosing and resolving the issue.

How to Reset and Clear Error Codes on Generac Generators?

To reset and clear error codes on Generac generators, the following general steps can be taken:

1.  Clearing Error Codes:

  • Pressing ENTER twice followed by AUTO can clear the alarm if the unit will not start in AUTO mode after a utility loss.
  • To reset the alarm press the enter button twice after turning off the generator. The alarm would be cleared and this would turn on the generator to rest in the off position.
  • Begin by uncovering the top and locating the ‘manual/auto/off’ switch. Press ENTER after selecting ‘OFF’ in the error code. When you choose ‘Auto’, the generator will begin working within a maximum interval of 10 seconds.

2.  Additional Troubleshooting:

  • Two automatically initiated turns-on attempts will be made if a unit does not begin. Such might indicate a trouble that merits expert assistance.
  • In case of shutting down a generator while is on, and trying to start it again, it will be better to first clear the alarm by hitting on the Enter button twice and then hit auto. After performing this step, if the machine does not begin to operate, one can have a service call.
  • Further troubleshooting measures will be employed depending on specific error codes like “Undervoltage” or “Overcrank”. Such measures include checks for frost buildup on slip rings and dealing with fuel and maintenance issues.

Although these basic steps might help with clearing off the error codes, others may need a professional’s intervention or additional troubleshooting. If the generator still continues to exhibit any type of error code or the problem becomes recurrent, then you should call a licensed service dealer/repairer or manufacturer’s representative with all the details on hand.

You can clear or reset certain error codes by doing the following:

  1. Identify the error code displayed on your Generac generator
  2. Turn off the generator using the external off switch
  3. Wait for a few minutes
  4. Check the gas supply to ensure it’s properly connected and the fuel is adequate
  5. Inspect internal switches and reset any tripped circuit breakers
  6. Turn the generator back on
  7. If the error persists, consult the user manual for specific code troubleshooting
  8. For unresolved issues or codes, contact an authorized Generac service dealer

Resetting and Clearing error Codes on Different Generac Generator Models


  1. Switch to Off in “Off/Manual/Auto”.
  2. Give it say one/two minutes, and the system will be reset.
  3. Switch it back to “Auto”.
  4. See if the error code clears. Otherwise, consult the manual for specific instructions on how to rectify the respective error.

Evolution Controller:

  1. Check mark the error and then press “Enter”.
  2. Use the controller and go to “Off” mode.
  3. Turn the computer off and wait till it shuts down. Now switch the computer from “auto” back on again.”
  4. Therefore, if this error continues, you may have to access different levels of the menu for special error reset commands or call support.

Nexus Controller:

  1. Clear the fault alarm by hitting the “escape” command key.
  2. Switch off the generator and set it to “Auto” again.
  3. As stated in a user manual, some specific error codes may require additional troubleshooting.

In General Situations:

  • For instance, always put the generator in safety mode before you can reset.
  • A simple reset may not be enough to resolve any errors if some deeper difficulties arise.
  • Some common errors are preventable via regular maintenance.
  • Professional service is highly advised for complex problems or frequent error codes.

This entails several preventive measures that ensure smooth operations of the Generac generators, thereby avoiding error codes. Here’s how to do it:

1. Regular Maintenance:

  1. As directed by the manufacturer
  2. They should also change the oil, filter, and spark plug from time to time.
  3. Perform periodic washing of air filters to avoid strains on the engines and overheating.
  4. Clean out all dust and any other waste products from the generator.

2.  Use Fresh and Quality Fuel:

  • Portable generators should use new gasoil and not old fuel. At the very least this will lead to difficult starting
  • Ensuring constant and sanitary fuels for the diesel and natural gas models
  • The additives can be included and oxidation prevented in petrol

3.  Proper Accessories and Stabilizers:

  • Use only the recommended accessories and parts
  • It is advisable to purchase and install voltage stabilizers as a measure to protect the building against power fluctuations
  • It is essential to ensure that there is adequate grounding and surge protection


It’s important to understand and deal with the error codes of your Generac generator in order to guarantee its effectiveness and durability. By learning what those codes are, being able to pinpoint the source of those codes yourself, and getting familiar with basic ways to reset or clear the code, it is possible that you can fix minor problems on your own.

You must be able to distinguish between a problem that can be sorted out and a complex issue requiring assistance from an authorized service dealer. Adhering to regular maintenance schedules, providing the machine with only fresh fuel, and employing appropriate accessories can minimize incidental error codes.

These measures are preemptive in that they help prolong the useful life of this generator while making it available for use on short notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clear the red light on my Generac generator?

Your Generac generator’s red light means something’s up. First step: check the error code on the generator’s screen. This red alert could mean a bunch of things – low oil pressure, it’s overloaded, some part’s not working right, battery troubles, RPM sense loss, overcrank, or maybe it’s just time for a check-up. Figure out the problem, then fix it and reset the control panel. How to reset? Depends on the issue. For example, if it’s low oil pressure, just top up the oil and reset the alarm by turning the generator off and pressing enter twice. Not sure what the red light’s about? Peek at the owner’s

manual or hit up a pro electrician or a Generac dealer. And hey, regular maintenance can keep these surprises at bay.

How do I reset my Generac generator control panel?

To reset the control panel of your Generac generator, you can follow these steps :
Hard Reset: Turn the generator control panel to the OFF position.
Rebooting the Control Panel: On the generator’s controller, press the Off button to prevent the generator from starting during the process.
Power Cycling: Remove a battery cable from the battery and disconnect the T1 harness under the panel.

How do I clear Generac error code 1600?

Make sure there’s enough fuel and the fuel filters are clean. Not enough fuel or clogged filters could be causing the issue.
Check the spark plugs, valves, and engine. If these parts are worn out or not working right, they could slow down the generator, causing this error.
Look over the wiring and see if there’s any software glitches messing with the generator’s performance.
If you’ve tried all this and it’s still not working, it’s time to call in a pro. Reach out to an authorized service dealer or a Generac tech for more help. They’ll know what to do.

How do you clear an error code 2400 on a Generac generator?

Turn off the generator using the control panel.
Disconnect the battery to reset the system. This might involve removing a battery cable.
Wait for a minute before reconnecting the battery.
Turn the generator back on.
If the error code persists after these steps, it may indicate a specific fault that needs professional attention, so you can consult the manual or contact a certified Generac technician for further assistance.